Luminarium's Tankadin guide. V1.0 [Out-dated]

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Luminarium's Tankadin guide. V1.0 [Out-dated]

Post  Luminarium on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:31 am

1) i'd like to mention that i may be editing this post frequently, to adapt it to new changes/patches.

2) i'd like to state that this is only suggestions, not an actual guide.

3) i hope this will help, and or be useful to you in some way. Very Happy

Alright, here we go:
Let's start with getting a nice Tankadin specc. If your threat generation is ok (depending on spell damage, we'll get to that later.) you should go for a 0/51/10 specc.
Tankadin specc

Alright, now. Let's put some stat priorities together.. First off your primary concern should be to get a caster sword ( A suggestion would be Greatsword of Horrid Dreams ) Besides the spellhit & spell dam on this weapon, it is really nice because of it's attack speed. the optimal attack speed as tankadin is somewhere between 1.8 and 2.0. Weapon damage doesn't really matter.

While looking for your trusty weapon, you should also try to get the most important tank stats from the other drops in the different instances, the two most important things to get before you can call yourself a real tank is: 490 defense, 10.000 Health.
In the second line we have our avoidance (combined dodge, block, parry.) which needs to be increased all the time, but that'll fix itself as you gear up. You should choose an avoidance stat that you focus on primarily (mine is block value, block rating.) if you collect block rating, it is very important to get a lot of block value aswell, otherwise your blocks simply won't absorb enough damage to be worth the effort.
Besides these basic stats it's all about improving what you currently have, without decreasing your other stats too much.

Now: For those of you who needs a little guidance regarding paladin tanks, i've wrote down the basics of a tankadin right here.

A paladin is a hybrid class, meaning we're able to do multiple tasks, depending on where we've spent our talent points. This "guide" is made for Tankadins (Protection)
Unlike other tanks we generate our threat through spell damage, not attack power or high-threat abilities, meaning that we need a lot of spell damage. This cannot be allowed to outbalance our stamina, defense and avoidance though.

Alright, here is a list of gear i suggest that you collect. Remember, this is only a suggestion.

The set Righteous Armor just throw some 12stamina sockets in the blue ones, and avoidance+stam in the other sockets Cool
The sword mentioned above: Greatsword of Horrid Dreams (Shadow Labyrinth) OR Continuum Blade due to it's relatively high stamina. (Keepers of Time)
Dawnforged Defender is really nice (Shattered Sun Offensive(dailies)
Rings: Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense (The Mechanar) Elementium Band of the Sentry (The Arcatraz)
Necklace: Enchanted Thorium Torque (The Botanica)
Cloak: Burnoose of the Shifting Sands (The Black Morass)
Trinkets: Adamantine Figurine (Shadow Labyrinth) Figurine of the Colossus (The Shattered Halls)
Belt: Belt of the Guardian (crafted by a blacksmith)
Boots: Boots of the Colossus (Auchenai Mana Tombs)

I haven't included any quest items in this list, because you may've done the quest already, and chosen another reward, or something like that could've happened, so... Only dungeon/rep items in this list!!!

More to come.

Remember that this guide is only to get you on the right track, not to actually tell you how to play your character.

- Phoenixian


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