Mini-guide: Tankadin; wotlk version

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Mini-guide: Tankadin; wotlk version

Post  Luminarium on Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:34 am

Ok, here we go. Firstly, i'll link a few speccs, that can be used for different purposes, like MT'ing or OT'ing, or even OOT'ing. Also, gear should have impact on the way you build your spec.

This link is the exact spec that i am currently using. (As of Aug. 24)
It's currently what works best for me, since it grants a decent amount of threat if played well, and it holds everything else than vindication for the defensive part.
Also, it helps me a lot with keeping my mana pool full, which is necessary especially in heroic dungeons and naxx10, etc. where a well-geared paladin wouldn't take enough damage for spiritual attunement to keep up his mana.

If you are still gearing up, you should consider going for a spec, that saves a few points in the raid's overall DPS (Heart of the Crusader) and mana cost reduction (Benediction) to get the improved seals in the holy spec for better threat generation, especially for single-target purposes. (Beginner tankadin spec)

Now for the stat balance: You'd likely see a lot of tankadins stacking stamina, which isn't really the way to go. Once you have about 30k HP unbuffed, that's fine... From there and on, stamina should increase passively, meaning that you shouldn't be pick stamina over avoidance, if you have 30k+
Avoidance is the most important factor of a tankadin, since it increases both his endurance and his mana regeneration, and thereby his threat generation.
There are a lot of things that can improve your avoidance.. Things like dodge, parry, block rating, (block value) and so forth.
It is important that you balance your dodge and parry rating, so that they are almost equal, due to the diminishing returns*
For the block rating part, you don't need a lot of that. Your primary concern should be block value, since you already have a 30% increased block from your holy shield. in addition to increasing the damage you can hold out, block value will also greatly improve the threat you generate due to your spell Shield of the Righteous.

* Diminishing returns:
This part is a little hard to explain, but it is a factor, that every end-game raider must know about. I'll try to explain this by using an example:

The diminishing returns on dodge and parry work about the same way as for CC effects, for example.

If a mage casts a polymorph on a mob, or a player, it will recieve 1 stack of diminishing return, reducing the effect of the mage's next polymorph spell by 50%

Dodge and parry will recieve the same type of debuff, reducing the chance that you will dodge and parry every time one of the procs.

Block is not affected by diminishing returns, making it the stat for a tankadin.

Now that we have the diminishing returns in place, let's talk about librams:

Librams are a very important piece of the paladin's gear set, since they can grant you a great bonus to whichever spell you prefer.
I've chosen to use the Libram of Obstruction (effect lasts 10seconds now, not 5)
since it increases my block value from my first judgement to the end of the fight (if judgement is cast often) and thereby both my endurance and threat generation.
Also, as of Aug. 24 i haven't been able to find a better libram...

Any further questions are welcome, both in this post and in-game.


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