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Guild lore

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Guild lore:
The guild was formerly created by an orc warrior called Drekthar, who passed the leadership to his alt Thedarkness. A young paladin of the new allies of the horde, the blood elves, had joined and soon enough taken the leadership. Not long after, we had a team running through the halls of Karazhan once a week, mainly consisting of the players Buzzorc(now Buzzowar), Wyyze, Taurendruid, Kilalliance(Sanomortuus), Jva, Phoenixian(Luminarium) and a few randomly picked players. And so it was for a while.
After doing Karazhan for some time, we felt that we needed some sort of progress, which led us to the merge with Creatures of Honor, which was sort of a catastrophe for the guild. In the beginning it worked out very well, but the new alliance slowly began to fall apart, with both members and officers being mad at each other, which in the end led to the members of cosmos leaving Creatures of Honor, and many of us joining a guild called Filthy Few. This lasted quite a while, and we began to conquer Zul'Aman, and we did well. A merge with Conundrum, seemed like a great idea to the officers of Filthy Few, but just as our case with Creatures of Honor, the guild fell apart shortly after the merge. And so we were walking the realm of Runetotem guildless for some time, but it did not take long, before we decided to retry to concept of Cosmos. We started Karazhan quickly after the recreation of the guild, and soon enough we had killed Gruul, Zul'jin and Magtheridon.
We kept farming the above for a while, but once we got close to the release of Wrath of the Lich King (-Temper Tantrum af the Royal Lich Person- A lot of members moved to the realm Bloodscalp, this including the officers, and the guild was renamed to Dark Vendetta.
This was followed by a very fast-moving progress through the Burning Crusade raids, though we never got enough members for frequent 25man guild runs before WotLK was out. And now, we sit here, with Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum cleared. Malygos has been approached cautiously, and has now been defeated by the people of the Dark Vendetta! Also the Trial of crusader has been conquered, together with 13/14 bosses in Ulduar


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