Mage Application [Declined]

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Mage Application [Declined]

Post  Zakit on Sat May 30, 2009 5:31 pm

--Personal info--

Name*: Emil
Age*: 16
Country*: Sweden
English speaking and writing level: Pretty good
Did you read the stickies?: ooohhh, lore
Will you follow them(type in "the secret word") :Yes (ooohhh, lore)
For what purpose is this application being made? (Social, Raiding, or both?): I guess for both. I wanna get some raid experience but also play with som nice people.
At which time are you normally available for raids? (Remember to tell us if it's another time zone than gmt+1): I've got pretty much in school right now when it's my last year before I start studying for work, but during the summer i'm available almost every day.

--Character Info--

Character's Name: Zakit
Level: 80
Class: Mage
Race: Undead
Previous Guilds: Me and my freinds created a guild just so we all could talk so it was nothing serious. If i'm getting accepted in Dark Vendetta it will be my first raiding guild.
Talents: Arcane 66/5/0
Professions: Tailoring
Raid experience (Please give some detail here. i.e. what bosses have you done? Do you understand the tactics)?: I haven't raid much and i'm pretty new in lvl 80, but I'm willing to learn Smile
In terms of Raid experience, was it this character you raided with?:
Link to profile:
Total time played: 14 days 21 hours 45 min

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class?*: At first I tried a Warrior but I felt I wanted a caster and mage seemed to be the coolest
Did you level this character from (1/55-80) alone?: Yes
Is the character you are applying with your 'Main'?: Yea
Are you comfortable playing any talent-build with this class?: Yes


Give us some information about the following. Take your time, and do your best to tell us about yourself. This will help especially if you are applying for social purposes.

Yourself, who are you?*: A 16-year-old boy living in sweden. Going to school now and looking forward to the summer
Why did you leave / are planning to leave your old guild?:
Your alts: Nervas (level 30 hunter) Versou (level 60 Deathknight)
Why do you want to join Dark Vendetta(DV)?: My freind, Drazgo, told me this guild was nice so I tought ''Why not? Got nothing to loose'' Smile
If you get in, will you be willing to contribute to the guild in any (fair) way asked of you?: I guess I'll try.


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Re: Mage Application [Declined]

Post  Luminarium on Sun May 31, 2009 2:51 pm

I'm sorry, Emil. but we'll have to decline your application, based on the fact, that we need some "pro" raiders for Ulduar progress, and your gear / raid experience doesn't meet that. If you do find yourself geared-up at some point, you're more than welcome to write a new application, but as a guild, we can't really find the time to gear a lot of new people up for the moment.


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