Mage Apply - Arcane. [Declined]

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Mage Apply - Arcane. [Declined]

Post  Kitty on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:52 am

Name*: Marcus Gustafsson
Age*: 16
Country*: Sweden
English speaking and writing level: Good enough.
Did you read the stickies?: Yes.
Will you follow them(type in "the secret word") : lore
For what purpose is this application being made? (Social, Raiding, or both?): Both.
At which time are you normally available for raids? (Remember to tell us if it's another time zone than gmt+1): I can raid the most days in the weeks. (Paris Time, Europe)

--Character Info--

Character's Name: Kittygirl
Level: 80
Class: Mage
Race: Blood Elf
Previous Guilds: Resurrection Of Gehenna (They never raid)
Talents: Arcane
Professions: Herbalism (450) Alchemy (421)
Raid experience (Please give some detail here. i.e. what bosses have you done? Do you understand the tactics)?: Naxx 10/25, OS 10/25, VoA 10/25. I know the most tacts in Naxxramas. Have done all Heroic Instances.
In terms of Raid experience, was it this character you raided with?: Yes
Link to profile:
Total time played: 14days 9h.

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class?*: I love all Aoe attacks and their coold dps that they can do if skilled.
Did you level this character from (1-80) alone?: ye
Is the character you are applying with your 'Main'?: yes
Are you comfortable playing any talent-build with this class?: I prefer arcane, but I can learn other specs, if needed.


Give us some information about the following. Take your time, and do your best to tell us about yourself. This will help especially if you are applying for social purposes.

Yourself, who are you?*: Happy, never complaining. Always accept to help other people if needed.
Why did you leave / are planning to leave your old guild?: They never raided.
Your alts: Not playing any serious atm.
Why do you want to join Dark Vendetta(DV)?: Seems to be a good raiding guild with social and serious players. Would fitt me perfect. (Have heard it from Dazlong.)
If you get in, will you be willing to contribute to the guild in any (fair) way asked of you?: yes I would. (potions/elexirs/flasks for raids etc.)


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Post  Dazlong on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:55 am

Looking very good man, hope u get in, it would be very funny ^^ (my vote is on you)


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Re: Mage Apply - Arcane. [Declined]

Post  Luminarium on Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:49 pm

Hey. Thank you for taking your time to write an application. We'll review it and get back to you shortly!

By the way, Dazlong left Dark Vendetta, based on the fact that he thinks, that we don't do enough raiding.
- I'd like to add... We can't, since we clear all 10man raids every week :-] And don't have enough members to farm 25man.


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Re: Mage Apply - Arcane. [Declined]

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