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The essential thing as a paladin tank is to get your defense capped, or atleast very close to capped. That should be your highest priority.
Avoidance can't ever get high enough, so you should just improve that constantly.
You'll want to have ATLEAST 25k HP without buffs. Though you shouldn't "stop" collecting stamina until you reach 30k unbuffed.

Hope this made some sence, and / or clarity about some tanking stats, if you were in doubt before you read this :-]

An important note is, that dodge and parry has diminishing returns (reduced chance as a percentage to proc everyone time you've recently dodged/parried an attack) - block does not. Therefore paladins should seek to have their dodge and parry chance roughly equal, while having a good amount of block rating/value.

- Lumi

*Hint* Avoidance is the combined chance to avoid an incomming attack: Dodge, Parry, Block, chance that you are missed, resistances towards magics, and damage reduction effects, like armor.


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