recruit me [Declined]

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recruit me [Declined]

Post  Omgpwnd on Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:35 am

Hi everybody

Im a lvl 80 mage, full epic for more info about my gear check

I know all bosses and tactics in naxx 10/25.
Have done Vao, Os and the hc versions of them.
I'm also pretty active on wow lately.

If you need more info about me you can contact me ingame.

Best regards


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Post  Omgpwnd on Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:56 am

--Personal info--

Name*: Omgpwnd
Age*: 19
Country*: Belgium
English speaking and writing level: good
Did you read the stickies?: yes
Will you follow them(type in "the secret word") : Ohh lore...
For what purpose is this application being made? (Social, Raiding, or both?): both
At which time are will you usually be available for raids? (Remember to tell us if it's another time zone than gmt+1): In the evening in general, weekends also.

--Character Info--

Character's Name: omgpwnd
Level: 80
Class: Mage
Race: Bloodelf
Previous Guilds: abominable, elite of honor
Talents: Arcane/fire, can respecc if guilds wants it
Professions: Mining/engineering
Raid experience (Please give some detail here. i.e. what bosses have you done? Do you understand the tactics)?: Everything expect eye of eternity.
In terms of Raid experience, was it this character you raided with?: yes
Link to profile:
Total time played: 19 days 21 hours

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class?*: Ownage/damage output
Did you level this character from (1-80) alone?: yes
Is the character you are applying with your 'Main'?: yes
Are you comfortable playing any talent-build with this class?: yes


Give us some information about the following. Take your time, and do your best to tell us about yourself. This will help especially if you are applying for social purposes.

Yourself, who are you?*: 19 year old chap from belgium
Why did you leave / are planning to leave your old guild?: guild was getting "corrupted" => same people who were able to join the "full epic naxx 10 raid", money log on bank showed cash going to guild leaders only.
Your alts: Eyeshadow lvl 80 holy paladin full epic
Why do you want to join Dark Vendetta(DV)?: I want to raid, cause its the most fun thing in wow.
If you get in, will you be willing to contribute to the guild in any (fair) way asked of you?: Yes ofcourse, if people are fair to me im fair to them aswel. Thats obvious.

Hope you recruit me, you seem like a really fun guild.

Updated for the new guild name / realm etc. etc.


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Re: recruit me [Declined]

Post  Luminarium on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:00 am

Thank you for taking your time to throw in an application. We'll review it and get back to you a.s.a.p.


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Re: recruit me [Declined]

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