DK Tanking speccs

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DK Tanking speccs

Post  Luminarium on Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:09 pm - Blood - (This spec usually works best for tanking in general) - both diseases up at all times, refresh with pestilence (keep a blood rune ready for that) - spam heart strike / death strike, basicly. (2H) - Unholy - boosts the damage of casters in your raid / grp by a nice amount, and makes you almost invulnerable to spells. keep diseeases up (scourge strike + icy touch / plague strike) (2H) - Frost - AoE tanking specc, keep diseases up, and spam Obliterate (howling blast as often as possible if there's move than 1 mob) - frost strike when runes our on CD (2x 1H)


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