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Recruitment F.A.Q. Empty Recruitment F.A.Q.

Post  Luminarium on Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:22 pm

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

You should know, that with the guildtag above your head, you represent the guild as a whole. Any suspicion that we may have about you acting in a way that could hurt the reputation of the guild, can result in a guild-kick.

Q: What is an F.A.Q?
A: F.A.Q. is short for Frequently Asked Questions - which explains itself.

Q: How do i write an application?
A: Simple. read the stickies in the recruitment section, copy/paste the recruitment form, and start filling it. More details = higher chance to recieve a trial period.

Q: Do i have to read the stickies? Sad
A: Yes... Yes. You. Do.

Q: Should i apply if i'm easily offended?
A: ... Bugger off ... Very Happy

Q: How long time will it take for me to become a member?
A: The trial period varies in time, depending on the player, but usually 2-3 weeks.

Misc. 2
Q: Does my specc matter?
A: Yes!!! And if we see it being necessary, we WILL talk to you about your spec, and strongly recommend you changing it. Also, if you are dual specced, which we'd like all hybrid classes in our guild to be, you'll have to pick a "mainspec," that you will recieve loot for as priority.

Q: Can i bring alts into the guild?
A: Indeed you can, but you should be aware, that regardless of which character you sign up for a raid from, we are free to pick your main character instead of your alt, for that particular raid.

Q: How often should i attend to raids?
A: We have no direct answer for that question, but you should be active, meaning raiding at a minimum of a few times each week.

Q: What is your raid times?
A: Currently, we start at 20:00 (meaning invites will start 19:45) and end at 23:00. (monday-thursday.) Friday & Saturday we raid from 20:00 to midnight.

Q: Can i PuG the different WotLK raids?
A: No. Unless you've been authorized by an officer, you're not allowed to PuG a raid, especially not the ones planned for the guild. Also, planning a raid, that'll be locking guildies to another save is prohibited. (This excludes Vault of Archavon 10 & 25, and in some cases Naxxramas.)

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