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information [Declined]

Post  ellam on Sun May 10, 2009 3:08 pm

--Personal info--

name: Mikkel ellam
age: 15 years old
country: Denmark
English speaking and writing level: 12
Will you follow them: Yes i will i promisse.
Did you read the stickies?: Yes i did. sounds good.
For what purpose is this application being made? (Social, Raiding, or both?): both
I'm at school 8 at the morning to 15.00.

--Character Info--

Character's Name: Shadowiam
Level: 80
Class: Priest
Race: Undead
Previous Guilds: Badgers With Human faces
Talents: disc atm.
Professions: none
Raid experience (Please give some detail here. i.e. what bosses have you done? Do you understand the tactics)?: i do understand all tacs. i have read alot about em on the internet. And i have downed full naxxramas hc/normal. and EoE. I havent raided ulduar atm. But i will in the dark vendetta. and i know tacs about it.
In terms of Raid experience, was it this character you raided with?: my priest (shadowiam)
Link to profile:
Total time played: 19 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes, 24 seconds.

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class?*: I want to be a healer, and i think priests do rocks.
Did you level this character from (1/55-80) alone?: i did level this character from 1-80 alone.
Is the character you are applying with your 'Main'?: yes its my main (shadowiam)
Are you comfortable playing any talent-build with this class?: yes


Give us some information about the following. Take your time, and do your best to tell us about yourself. This will help especially if you are applying for social purposes.

Yourself, who are you?*: I'm a 15 years old kid. I live in denmark, worldofwarcraft is the best game ever. i play it all time. Im very friendly and polite. my english is pretty good.
Why did you leave / are planning to leave your old guild?: I dunno. i just didnt felt welcome enouge. And the raids was bad.
Your alts: Twnk is my alt, a lvl 51 frost mage.
Why do you want to join Dark Vendetta(DV)?: Because it sounds like a very good guild. And very polite. and nice raids. and i like Luminarium, best guild master in Wow!
If you get in, will you be willing to contribute to the guild in any (fair) way asked of you?: Yes i will, ofcourse.


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