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Warlock very useful thread

Post  Detheron on Tue May 05, 2009 3:28 am


This link here is perfect to explain everything about warlock builds; pro's and con's of builds, warlock raiding, hit rating (!), what stats to go for etc.

Important things from it:

+ Hit Rating:
Rating rating should be on the top of the list of every beginning Warlock. It's something to gem for if you don't have enough of it. You might not have seen your spells miss a lot- the reason for that is most likely that you haven't been fighting boss level mobs (level 83), and that you need significantly less hit rating against lower level mobs.

The reason you need hit rating until you're hit capped (More on that later) is simply because no other stat will increase your DPS as much as hit rating will.

So, what is the hit cap? This depends on a number of things, as there's a couple of outside sources that increase your chance to hit- In general though, you need 17% hit to 'cap' it.

- The first thing that can increase your chance to hit is Suppression, increasing your chance to hit by 3% (Talent).
- The second thing that can increase your chance to hit is being in the same group as a draenei (Draenei), this increases your chance to hit by 1%.
- The third thing that can increase your chance to hit is having a Boomkin or Shadow Priest in the raid (Raid Debuff). Be careful though, Boomkins do not always pick up this talent, so if there's no Shadow Priest, but thereis a boomkin- have a quick look at his talents and look for improved Faerie Fire. If he doesn't have the talent, you don't gain the 3% hit.

So how much hit rating do you need?
17% = 446 Hit Rating.
16% = 420 Hit Rating. (Draenei)
14% = 368 Hit Rating. (Talent or Raid Debuff)
13% = 342 Hit Rating. (Draenei and Talent or Draenei and Raid Debuff)
11% = 289 Hit Rating. (Talent and Raid Debuff)
10% = 263 Hit Rating. (Talent and Raid Debuff and Draenei)

Read and learn.


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