Lusipher, 80 mage apply [Accepted]

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Lusipher, 80 mage apply [Accepted]

Post  Erithas on Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:45 pm

--Personal info--
Name: Philip
Age: 15
Country: Sweden
English speaking and writing level: I can honestly say im really good at english so it will be no problems.Smile
Did you read the stickies: Yups:P
Will you follow them: Yes "ooohhh, lore"
Im doing this application becuse when i was in DV i found it a very social and good guild that always did the best they could, and im also joing for progressing in WOTLK raids.

Im avalible almost every weekend and some days in the week. It depends on the school work:)

--Character info--

Name: Lusipher
Level: 80
Race: Undead Male
Talents: 56/3/12
Previous guild: Vanheim
Proffesions: 450 Tailoring and 450 Skinning
Raid Experince: I have done ALL Bosses in WOTLK pre Ulduar. I know all the tacs for every boss except ulduar bosses.
I have only raided with this Character latley so yes this is the one ive raided all those raids with:)
Link To Armory: The spell power is wrong , i got 1960 in arcane specc. And alot more mana to Smile

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class: Well, i have always liked the "Spell cast things" and i loved mages right from the beginning, i could travles very easy with portals and so Very Happy
I have leveld this Charcter from 1-80, and this my main im only playing on this one right now. Yes i can play any specc that you want:)


Who are you: Im a very positive guy with alot of enegry, i never really get angry and im always focused in situations where i have to be it:)
Why did you leave your old guild: Well, first of all i was inactive for a while becuse of alot school work. Then i didnt really like their raid times. They where raiding on wednesdays and thursdays. So it was kinda hard for me to come to the raids and on the same time do all my homework.
Your alts: Extremé lvl 60 druid, when im not raiding or dont have anything to do on my mage i level this guy:)
Why do you wanna join DV: Well i kinda liked the social bit in the guild and i always found all the members very nice and always willing to help Smile And they are very good at progressing Smile

Well that´s all for me , hope you will read it Smile sunny


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Re: Lusipher, 80 mage apply [Accepted]

Post  Luminarium on Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:22 pm

Of course we'll read it :-]
Well, evaluating: We'll get back to you a.s.a.p.
Due to Maleficious, Contemn and I going to Berlin monday-friday this week, the amount of time it'll take to evaluate the application, might be longer than usual.


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