Hi my name is... Jirah :p [Declined]

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Hi my name is... Jirah :p [Declined]

Post  Jirah on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:18 pm

--Personal info--

Name*: Rasmus Møller Jensen
Age*: 16
Country*: Denmark
English speaking and writing level: Above middle, i was the best in my class until i dropped out
Did you read the stickies?: yes
Will you follow them(type in "the secret word") : "ooohhh, lore"
For what purpose is this application being made? (Social, Raiding, or both?): Both
At which time are you normally available for raids? (Remember to tell us if it's another time zone than gmt+1): I am in gmt+1 so no worries about that

--Character Info--

Character's Name: Jirah
Level: 80
Class: Warrior
Race: Undead
Previous Guilds: Silent victim, elite of honor
Talents: Deep fury (dual talent is arms for pvp)
Professions: Bs/mining 450/450
Raid experience (Please give some detail here. i.e. what bosses have you done? Do you understand the tactics)?:
In terms of Raid experience, was it this character you raided with?: i have raided every single raid out yet. except ulduar (hc malygos/sap/kel are not downed)
Link to eu.wowarmory.com profile: (i might be standing in my pvp gear, so look for changes)
Total time played: 76 days

--Specific Class Info--

What made you choose this class?*: For the purpose of being a master of melee, that was my basic choise of the warrior, but as i have trained in the class, i felt it was not all to it.
Did you level this character from (1/55-80) alone?: ofc!
Is the character you are applying with your 'Main'?: uhm yes, it is my only char above 70, except my 71 paladin on the american wow servers, which i never play
Are you comfortable playing any talent-build with this class?: all of them except protection


Give us some information about the following. Take your time, and do your best to tell us about yourself. This will help especially if you are applying for social purposes.

Yourself, who are you?*: a 16 year old boy who enjoy life, i love the nature and the fresh air outside, i love to go into the core of my class in wow, spending time at elitist jerks and using spreadsheets
Why did you leave / are planning to leave your old guild?: because it got boring, i need entertainment in this game, and i think you guys got what i seek
Your alts: what is an alt :p? no i dont have any
Why do you want to join Dark Vendetta(DV)?: Because my brother is in there along with an rl friend by the name mistex, i also wanted to find out who you guys really are
If you get in, will you be willing to contribute to the guild in any (fair) way asked of you?: sure will do, as long as you dont ask me to pay the repair bills for the whole raid :p


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Re: Hi my name is... Jirah :p [Declined]

Post  Contemn on Sun May 03, 2009 3:10 pm

Hello Rasmus and thanks for taking your time to write an apply. The officers will take a look on your apply and get back to A.S.A.P. Good luck with your apply.


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