Restoration shaman build and tips

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Restoration shaman build and tips

Post  Droll. on Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:06 pm


Major Glyph:Glyph of Chain Heal, Glyph of Healing Wave, Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave.

Healing: A restoration shaman is extremely powerful in both aoe healing, and doing heavy heals.

Riptide would be one of the primary healing spells since it is instant cast, it heals pretty much instantly and heals the same amount over time, it increases the healing done of your next chain heal on that target by 25%, and it's also lowering the casting time of your next 2 healing wave, and lesser healing wave by 30%.

Chain Heal Is primarely used in fights where several targets are taking damage. It increases the casting time of your next 2 healing wave and lesser healing wave spells, just like riptide does.

Healing Wave Is the most powerful healing spell a shaman can make. It's rarely used in battles where people take small amounts of damage, but in fights like patchwerk, malygos, sapphiron, (I could go on forever) it is very useful to quickly heal up the tank. It's also great to combine this spell with the Nature's swiftness spell, for use in emergency situations.

Lesser Healing Wave Is a very swift spell almost like the Healing Wave spell. It's used to heal people who has lost a very small amount of health, without spending too much mana. It's also good to heal your tank up, if he's low on health and you can see that a healing wave spell would take too long time to cast. Lesser healing wave also recieves an extra 20% more healing done from the Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave if your earth shield is up on the target. So try to keep Earth shield up most of the time aswell.

Gear Stats:Mp5/spellpower>intellect/crit>haste

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